Fast and Safe Solution!


Maprex DS-310

Mylar Disconnect Sleeves


Maprex’s DS-310 Mylar Disconnect Sleeves provide a fast and safe solution to leave a watt-hour meter in place electrically disconnected from the socket, as they act as insulating sheaths, temporarily disconnecting the blades of the electric meter from the receiving socket, when interruption of electric service is desired.


Our DS-310 Mylar Disconnect Sleeves are suitable to use on meters of diverse designs, as they have sufficient width to accomodate blades of different sizes.

Mylar® is a registered trademark of DuPont.


The Maprex DS-310 Mylar Disconnect Sleeve consists of a flat tubular member, closed on one side and open on the other with two extended tongues on each flat side that have a double purpose: to provide peripherial insulation to the blades of the meter in which they are placed, and in addition to eliminate any trouble when performing the removal operation of the sleeve from the socket. Our DS-310 Mylar Disconnect Sleeves have thin side walls so as not to unduly stress the spring jaw clips of the socket in which the blades of the meter fit into.


As the material used in the manufacturing of the DS-310 Mylar Disconnect Sleeves is translucent, we have printed along the inside two bright colored stripes for ease of identification wheras all the other companies which produce these kind of sleeves have them printed on the outside. This improvement minimizes contact of ink with hands that causes contamination of clothes and materials handled in further operations.